How to submit
an application?

Before we can process your application, you must fill out the investment request form and Bipartite Agreement and e-mail it to

Download the investment request form

Download the Bipartite Agreement

The FISIQ will then conduct a preliminary review of your file. If your project is
accepted after this first stage, you will be asked to submit a detailed application in the form of a
business plan. If the application is not accepted, you will receive correspondence that will include the
committee’s recommendations and comments.

Before submitting an application, we suggest you read the Guide to filing a funding application.

Download the Guide



  • Presence of social considerations in the organization’s mission statement or target clientele
  • Presence of development objectives
  • Compatibility with the FISIQ’s sustainable development objectives
  • Compatibility with the FISIQ’s wealth creation and sharing objectives
  • Compatibility with the FISIQ’s gender equality objectives
  • Competence and ethics of the management team;
  • Work organization and staff expertise;
  • Quality of operations and production management;
  • Potential growth of economic activities;
  • Product quality and price-market fit;
  • Development prospects in the target market(s);
  • Financial situation and potential profit
  • Quality of democratic life
  • Quality of management of public interest mission
  • Potential for developing socially beneficial activities
  • Social relevance recognized by local partners and lenders
  • Quality of support staff, including staff involved in operating the FISIQ
  • Staff expertise in terms of advice and credit risk assessment
  • Partnerships with key players in regional economic development
  • Participation in national networks of development-focussed financial institutions
  • Presence of management practices and tools considered adequate in the sector
  • Financial mobilization of the community in terms of capitalization, according to a minimum ratio
    determined by the Board of Directors
  • Social responsibility toward customers
  • Prevention of excess debt
  • Price transparency
  • Ethical collection practices
  • Complaint processing mechanisms
  • Ethical conduct by staff
  • Data privacy
  • Social responsibility toward employees
  • Social responsibility toward the community
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Management of social performance


Guide to filing a funding application

To help you prepare your application, follow the Guide to filing a funding application.

Download the Guide

Model business plan

Submit your project using the BDC's model business plan for entrepreneurs.

Access model

BDC Glossary

The BDC has made a dictionary available to entrepreneurs that contains over 300 definitions of
accounting terms.

Access the glossary