The FISIQ is a co-financing and guarantee tool that aims to foster dialogue between social/solidarity- based economy businesses (cooperatives, mutual associations and organizations) and local lenders in developing and emerging countries. Its objective is to expand available financing as part of existing technical cooperation programs.

The following are answers to a few questions about how the FISIQ operates.

Who canapply?

Loans granted by the FISIQ are intended for social economy businesses that are in partnership with Quebec international cooperation agencies (ICA) in regions of developing or emerging countries. The targeted social economy businesses are:

  • Collective organizations such as cooperatives, mutual associations or not-for-profit organizations engaged in commercial activities
  • Community or family groups of small producers or workers

The FISIQ may also offer financial products to socially responsible private businesses that are well integrated in their community and ICA partners.

Local financial institutions and microcredit funds may also co-finance social economy businesses in partnership with the FISIQ.

Production businesses undergoing a restructuring may be considered. However, financing organizations that are undergoing a restructuring are excluded.

What economic
sectorsare favoured?

The FISIQ gives priority to economic activities with a social purpose, namely those that strive to respond to the needs of its members and community. This includes the production, transformation, sale or exchange of goods and services in sectors such as:

What types of projects
are eligible?

The FISIQ may intervene at several stages of business development such as:

  • Crop financing (purchase of seeds and fertilizer)
  • Acquisition of production equipment
  • Development or expansion
  • Consolidations or restructurings may be considered under certain conditions.

Start-ups are not eligible.

How much
funding isavailable?

Funding of between $20,000 and $900,000 is offered depending on the project.

What types of
financing arepossible?

The FISIQ offers several means of financing adapted to the needs of the business:

  • Loan guarantee
  • Secured loan
  • Equity loan
  • Co-financing
  • Equity interest
  • Any suitable form of financing depending on the business’ needs

For more information about the types of financing, read the Guide.

Download the Guide

How long are
the FISIQ’s investments?

The FISIQ plans its investments over a 3-month to 7-year horizon. Shorter periods are possible for certain exceptional transactions.

What rates does
the FISIQ offer?

The FISIQ offers competitive rates adapted to local realities of business and microcredit organizations.

Pricing specific to each investment is established based on a pricing schedule that is reviewed by the Board of Directors periodically.